Bharat Cooling Towers is one of the leading brand in the Cooling Towers Industries. Bharat Cooling Towers are the manufacturer of: • FRP Round Bottle Shape Cooling Towers, • FRP Rectangular Shape Cooling Towers, • Crossflow Wooden Induced Draft Cooling Towers, • Fan Less Natural Draft Cooling Towers, • Special Cooling Towers Motors. The company also provides the • Spares, • Maintenance and • Service.
About us
Bharat Cooling Towers has been in the business of Cooling Towers since 1996 & built up noted reputation in the industry for our Quality execution & commitment to the jobs. We have been working with all sorts of industries for their Process Applications, apart from Air-Conditioning, D. G. Set, Induction furnace, Air Compressors, Plastic Industries, Industrial Process, Refrigeration, Cold Storage, ICE Plants, applications etc.
We also provide for Spares & Servicing of other Makes of all Cooling Towers.
Based in Delhi, we are young but experienced. The experience of our team put together gives us the encourage to compete with the best in our industry.
Bharat Cooling Towers as Manufacturer: We create products of medium & large capacity which range from 05 TR to 500 TR in Round Bottle / Rectangular shape Cooling towers with (Fiber Reinforcement Polyester) FRP.
  • We also undertake Servicing & Maintenance of All Makes of Cooling Towers
  • All Spares, viz- PVC Fills, Sprinkler (Aluminium / Brass / SS), Nozzles
  • Fans (Aluminium / FRP) etc, available Ex - Stock.
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