Bharat Cooling Towers is one of the leading brand in the Cooling Towers Industries. Bharat Cooling Towers are the manufacturer of: • FRP Round Bottle Shape Cooling Towers, • FRP Rectangular Shape Cooling Towers, • Crossflow Wooden Induced Draft Cooling Towers, • Fan Less Natural Draft Cooling Towers, • Special Cooling Towers Motors. The company also provides the • Spares, • Maintenance and • Service.
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Fan Less, Natural Draft Cooling Towers
Bharat cooling Towers brings you latest technology for new generation of energy saving cooling towers.
Cooling Towers is working on the principle of evaporative cooling. In which hot water comes directly in to contact with ambient air and cooling is achivead mainly by small portion of water gets converted to vapour, thus caring away the latent heat of
Few of Our Installation / Resources evaporation
By which water gets cooldown and air gets heated, saturated and also caring away some sensible heat from water.
Selection of Material
  • Structure: Is made from heavy M.S.Angle/Tee/Channel sections and hot ipped galvanised or lined with FRP for corrosion resistance.
  • Louvers: Are made from fiberglass reinforced plastics which ensuresb corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.
  • Water Distribution Headers: Are made from "c" class galvanised pipe.
  • Nozzles: Are made from nylone-6 to give good corrosion resistance.
  • Nuts& Bolts: Are made from nylone-6 & M.S. Electroplated.
Natural Draft Technology
In which, Air current is induced by jet ejector nozzle using kinetic energy of return water which is converted in to kinetic energy of air. So air is induced inside from the top of the cooling towers.
  • Fan less: Energy/Power saver
  • Fills Less: Consistence cooling and maintenance free
  • Natural Draft: Better cooling efficiency
  • FRP Construction: Corrosion free long life
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