Bharat Cooling Towers is one of the leading brand in the Cooling Towers Industries. Bharat Cooling Towers are the manufacturer of: • FRP Round Bottle Shape Cooling Towers, • FRP Rectangular Shape Cooling Towers, • Crossflow Wooden Induced Draft Cooling Towers, • Fan Less Natural Draft Cooling Towers, • Special Cooling Towers Motors. The company also provides the • Spares, • Maintenance and • Service.
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Spare Parts / Repair and Maintenance
All Cooling Towers maintenance, repair and towers performance upgrades are important components of Bharat Cooling Towers business. Bharat Cooling Towers offers a complete set of capabilities to meet every need of the customer. Bharat Cooling Towers has skilled people having service experience and products to handle any repair job. Spare parts are readily available ex-go down.
Bharat Cooling Towers offers a full line of replacement parts for any and all makes and models of cooling towers. These parts are available at the most competitive prices in the industry.

We believe that after sale service is the backbone of every business and has been the primary facet of our success. Our service and spares have a proven track record of quality & availability.
Aluminum Fan FRP Fan Sprinker C.T. Motor PVC Fills PVC Nozzles PVC Eliminator
PVC Eliminator Square FRP Flapper Air washer Cooling Pad V Eliminator B20 Fills Tie Rod & H. Gear Box & GEar Housing
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