Bharat Cooling Towers is one of the leading brand in the Cooling Towers Industries. Bharat Cooling Towers are the manufacturer of: • FRP Round Bottle Shape Cooling Towers, • FRP Rectangular Shape Cooling Towers, • Crossflow Wooden Induced Draft Cooling Towers, • Fan Less Natural Draft Cooling Towers, • Special Cooling Towers Motors. The company also provides the • Spares, • Maintenance and • Service.
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Cross flow Wooden Induced Draft Cooling Towers
Bharat Cooling Towers are proud to offer you reliable range of wooden cooling towers that are used in different industrial plants. Bharat cooling towers deals in all type of wooden cooling towers. We also offer the maintenance and spare parts for all type of cooling towers. We provide support and maintenance for all type of industrial heat exchangers including Air Conditioning, Air Compressor, Induction Furnace, Refrigeration, Injection Molding Machines & Diesel Engine Generating Sets etc.
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